Sweet Cherry Picker

Oh sweet cherry picker,

You’re such a maze to decipher!

In the absence of common sense,

You were bound to take offence.

It’s a world full of snowflakes,

That have a lot less at stake,

But thy self-righteous wake,

Sure rejoiced at my ‘mistake’.

Oh sweet cherry picker!

Why should I merely obey?

It’s human nature to try and weigh,

All the pros and cons that we convey.

Our discourse reckoned a failure,

While you questioned my behaviour,

If it weren’t for all the pressure,

Animosity between us would weather.

Oh sweet cherry picker,

Know that I understand your plight,

Not everyone has the gift for farsight,

As life’s not always black and white.

Truly – I prefer my mind on my side,

And refuse to let it be override,

Now don’t you simmer or feel denied,

Just don’t expect me to be tongue-tied.

Hear me out

People are like bottled wine
You need to let them breathe
It’s that unbridled brain
Fighting an unwavering battle
Which in the course of time
Gets a little too much to handle.

Pain has hardened them
Moulded them in cryptic ways
Bestowed upon all for eternity
Like a weight carried since birth
Cursed to endure more sufferings
By the deviants who walk the earth.

Listen intently when people speak
Good company is all they need
It’s only a pause for a bit of clarity
Just be all ears until the big adieu
And since the occasion calls for it
Finish it with a drink or two.


There were three people who held my hand.

The first held my hand to not feel lonely
Not once did that make them feel guilty.
Although they may not have been an ideal fit,
Doesn’t take away the fact of them being a hypocrite.

The second held my hand to feel bold
A touch that seemed a tad bit cold.
With an aim to show off in front of a peer,
The actual intention still seems to be unclear.

The third held my hand to simply feel
Guess, they just didn’t think of it a big deal
Maybe things were meant to be platonic,
I just wish it wasn’t all that chaotic.

I have had three people hold my hand.
Fingers intertwined, the sweet kind.
Even though I let them be,
It’s sad to see that none of them wanted to be with me.

The Uprising

Don’t paint me as a villian
when I call you out on
Your distorted vision
of a future that’s built off
An old fashioned blueprint
that idolizes capitalism
And strives for elitism,
Evidently vilifying
Needs and aspirations
in order to negate and suppress
An individual’s conscience
that’s simply looking for
An affirmative nod
To strive for excellence
Without a dire need for
social relevance;
In a society that dictates
and calls rebels a disgrace
since they do not move as per
Endorsed timelines
followed by the majority
Which are imposed drastically
despite of knowing that
All the questionable tries
in search for temporary highs
are futile efforts towards stability
And if analysed closely,
we’d know it’s all just
a recurring pattern
Of chaos induced misery.
Therefore, pardon me
when I think for myself
And refuse to participate as
one of your puppets
Who move as per your ideas
of progress and call it
A success,
as my future is aching to
be authentic and wants
no part to further
A gimmick of a system,
That favours each one of you
And mocks everyone like me.


What is Love?
Is it attraction?
A senseless obsession?
Or a cruel fixation?

It’s a universal conundrum as a whole
Making strangers fall hard for that rigmarole
It’s a bargainer’s hope that has them all under control
A sought after illusion with a few stories untold

Maybe, it’s a forever consuming adulation
The ultimate preforced magnetic destruction
A mystery which entails a grappling grasp of seduction
An adrenaline that manifests into a serious addiction


Maybe, it’s an endless state of tranquility
A guide to seek the path of selfless humility
An attempt for repossession of long lost juvenility
The requisite for a passionate sustainability

You know…

Maybe, it’s neither
Maybe, it’s both
But, it’s definitely profound
That’s sporadically found


You might have heard
Of consequential beings
That scarcely appear in stories
As disposable bodies
Lived lives engineered by
Prevalent in societies
Who lit fires that were upheld
Since the beginning of time.

Interestingly, we now know
The incoherence in these stories
Were nothing less than
Complex aberrations
First brought on by early civilizations
Now, even though we know and are
Way ahead in time
It’s those beings that still possess
The burns of those former flames.


An ode to that soul made of glitter,
Hiding away in a concealed limbo,
An exceptional enigma to admire,
Deep down knows it mustn’t stay here.

Go find your way with a rusty compass,
Instead of gazing into the dullness
Of unrequited spaces,
Where only sunbeams strike you,
That will further a soothing release to help,
No one but, yourself.

Times are changing, sweet child.
Off the wall, we’ve jumped.
Constantly blending so far,
Like the fluid disposition that we are.

Stages of Eros

To the one I pushed away
Why didn’t you try and meet me halfway?
We could’ve tried a little harder
Like that one time we came back to each other

Poles apart, we were
Two hearts filled with desire
Together, we know what we felt
Never before been so content

Lived lives so lonely
With a broken history
In a world so strange
Surrounded with hurricanes

A tug-of-war that we played
Unleashing a cascade
I hurt you with words
Your actions had me in tears

Shortcomings out on display
An array of emotions stay
I know you were my first
That’s why, I felt so much

An attempt to be better
Will be our greatest endeavour
But the faith in our journey
Will someday rewrite our destiny

To the one I pushed away
It’s fine you didn’t try and meet me halfway
We couldn’t have dragged it any longer
Our time would be lost and filled with somber


I am an addict.
No, not of substance.
It’s an addiction that goes unnoticed.
The kind that makes one believe that there’s no way out,
Even death won’t bring one peace although it’s an easy route.

Yes, I am an addict.
An addict of circumstance.
The one that breaks you down & never lets you to build up.
It molds you in ways you once thought were temporary,
But sadly, it’s now part of your identity.

It’s true, I am an addict.
An addict of resistance.
The type that tries to defeat every adversity.
Because true resilience is what helped me rediscover,
A superpower that encompasses the needed closure.

Musing Nights

As I lie in bed, I wonder how it would be,
To be one with a being who’d set me free.
A person who’d be open, simpler but not well defined,
Someone who’d step out and stop being another figment of my mind.

Like renegades, most jump in head first and keep things at bay,
Fuck like animals, quench their thirst and promise it’ll be there to stay.
Wake up next morning with rushing hormones and gushing smiles,
Make love again and then pause to say their goodbyes.

I look around and see so many peopleĀ – meeting, chatting and messing around,
Doing the above with such flair and confidence, while I frown.
Now, I’ve seen this before and oh, it’s electric and I know it has its charm,
But, something tells me just a night in bed would do me less good and a lot more harm.

So, I’m on a lookout for something that’s beyond the superficial,
To find someone who would put in the work and make things official.
But, the mind’s a mystery and so is attraction, foreplay and sex,
I’m simply gonna lay back and enjoy while my lover looks at me perplexed.


It was the last week of December; almost a start to the end of a new decade.
That’s when I came across her –
An enchantress to her best, another mark to the rest; she’d cause a stir.
With her tantalizing eyes, which caught me by suprise, is what kept me close.
But like an unexpected plot twist, she settled in and kept me on my toes.

We spoke about a myriad things, the constellation above us being one.
Then, an intense glance pulled me near –
A hit of serotonin would pass though my brain, now making my heart beat faster.
In time, like the stars in the sky, she revealed the things that hurt her the most.
Now I see, under all that perfection, her true self lurks in the shadows.

In addition, she opened up a little more and often wished for reassurance.
Every passing day, I tried to calm this fear, but she’d fight it over and over –
While I’d try to mend it with all the strength I could muster.
Like a thunderbolt, she’d cut through it all and act like this bond was forced,
But as an old sage, I stayed; knowing that this is how it’d be, I suppose.

We kept going back and forth, with some good days and some bad ones.
The spark was long gone but still I linger –
Because finding people you like is hard and the influence on me was sheer luster.
See, her trust in me kept me humble; she needed a listener, that’s all I mumbled.
But, she made a decision to let go which was so sudden, I decided I would not oppose.

Sometimes, it all feels like a farce.
Maybe you needed time to heal and tend to your scars.
But know that one thing’s clear, my dear.
For you, I’ll always thank my stars.